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Transgender Emergence


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"FINALLY, a book that does justice to the life-changing power of
psychotherapy in the transgender coming-out process. COMPREHENSIVE AND
PASSIONATE. . . . TERRIFIC. . . . LONG OVERDUE. I recommend this book to
any psychotherapist called to work with transgender clients. I also
recommend it to transgender individuals who might benefit from
understanding how psychotherapy can play an invaluable role."
- Walter Bockting, PhD, Co-editor, Transgender and HIV: Risks, Prevention,
and Care; Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Transgender Health Services,
Program in Human Sexuality, University of Minnesota Medical School

"The information contained in this book is SO IMPORTANT THAT NO CLINICIAN
CAN AFFORD TO MISS IT. The book offers a clear, comprehensive, and cogent
review of the history of the mental health field's thinking about sexuality
and gender, and an extraordinarily thoughtful and extensive exploration of
assessment and intervention issues with gender-variant people and their
families. Arlene Istar Lev's knowledge of the subject is phenomenal, and
the breadth and clarity of her writing are brilliant. This book lays out an
enormous amount of complex material in a highly readable and useful text. .
- Monica McGoldrick, MSW, Director, Multicultural Family Institute,
Highland Park, New Jersey


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Updated: 1/20/07