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Transgender Emergence

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Transgender Emergence

Therapeutic Guidelines for Working With Gender-Variant People and Their Families

Arlene Istar Lev, LCSW, CASAC

Hard Cover ISBN: 0-7890-0708-8
Soft Cover ISBN: 0-7890-2117-X logo
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About The Book:

Explore an ecological strength-based framework for the treatment of gender-variant clients This comprehensive book provides you with a clinical and theoretical overview of the issues facing transgendered/transsexual people and their families.

Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working with Gender-Variant People and Their Families views assessment and treatment through a nonpathologizing lens that honors human diversity and acknowledges the role of oppression in the developmental process of gender identity formation.

Specific sections of Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working with Gender-Variant People and Their Families address the needs of gender-variant people as well as transgender children and youth. The issues facing gender-variant populations who have not been the focus of clinical care, such as intersexed people, female-to-male transgendered people, and those who identify as bigendered, are also addressed.

The book examines

  • the six stages of transgender emergence
  • coming out as transsexual or transgender as a normative process of gender identity development
  • thinking "outside the box" in the deconstruction of sex and gender
  • the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the convergence, overlap, and integration of these parts of the self
  • the power of personal narrative in gender identity development
  • etiology and typographies of transgenderism and transsexuality
  • treatment models that emerge from various clinical perspectives
  • alternative treatment modalities based on gender variance as a normative lifecycle developmental process

Complete with fascinating case studies, a critique of diagnostic processes, treatment recommendations, and a helpful glossary of relevant terms, this book is an essential reference for anyone who works with gender-variant people. Handy tables and figures make the information easier to access and understand.

"FINALLY, a book that does justice to the life changing power of psychotherapy in the transgender coming-out process. I recommend this book to any psychotherapist called to work with transgender clients. I also recommend it to transgender individuals who might benefit from understanding how psychotherapy can play an invaluable role. COMPREHENSIVE AND PASSIONATE. . . . TERRIFIC. . . . LONG OVERDUE".

"I highly recommend her book Transgender Emergence to clinicians working with transgender clients, transgender people, and anyone interested in learning more about transgender people as well as those interested in the study of gender."

- Review by Randall D. Ehrbar, Division 44, Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues A division of the American Psychological Association
—Walter Bockting, PhD, Co-editor, Transgender and HIV: Risks, Prevention, and Care; Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Transgender Health Services, Program in Human Sexuality, University of Minnesota Medical School
"A MARVELOUS RESOURCE. . . . Well-written and well researched.. . . . Provides enough information to give even the  most inexperienced psychologist or counselor an understanding of the issues involved in working with the target population—but even counselors who have treated many gender-variant individuals should read this book".
"Lev’s knowledge of the subject is phenomenal, and the breadth and clarity of her writing are brilliant. This book lays out an enormous amount of complex material in a highly readable and useful text. . . . BELONGS IN THE LIBRARY OF EVERY PSYCHOTHERAPIST, COUNSELOR, AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL."
—Dallas Denny, MA, Editor, Transgender Tapestry Journal
—Monica McGoldrick, MSW, Director, Multicultural Family Institute, Highland Park, New Jersey

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Updated: 12/21/06