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Fees and Insurance


When working with Arlene...

Fees for clinical services with Arlene Lev, LCSWR, CASAC are $125 an hour session. Session time is generally 45-50 minutes long.

When working with Staff...

The staff at Choices are post-graduate social work and psychology clinicians who have expertise in working with individuals and families, and specialize in issues related to gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, couple and family relationships, and human sexual expression. Individuals and couples who are seeking greater relational and sexual intimacy, people who identify as sexual minorities, and those interested in exploring sexuality, gender, and identity issues will find caring, competent, and skilled support.

Staff rates range from $50 - $100 per session.

The Sliding Scale Fee Schedule is determined by financial need, and includes various elements including employment, disability, and other life challenges. Commitment to making expert therapeutic services available to all is a guiding principle of our clinical values.

When working with Interns...

Choices is pleased to work with various colleges who place social work, psychology, and mental health counselors for yearly internships. These students are in Master's and PhD programs, and are able to work with clients on a reduced sliding scale. We are excited to support their learning opportunities as well as provide clients reasonably priced clinical services. If you have financial constraints please ask about our intern availability.


Limited insurance reimbursement is available at Choices. Please contact the therapist directly to find out which insurance panels or networks they participate with. We are also able to work with many insurance companies who will reimburse for services rendered, referred to as “out of network benefits.” You must check with your insurance company as to whether they have “out of network benefits.” Generally, they will reimburse 50 - 80% after the deductible. Therapists are glad to fill out all the necessary paperwork to assist you in being reimbursed for the cost of therapy.

Some insurance companies will allow therapist to a “single case agreement” or “provider accommodation,” which essentially means that they will contract with the service provider although the service provider is not in their network. They will agree to do this if there is no one in their network who is an expert in the services you are seeking, or if it is an issue of “continuity of care,” i.e., you already have established a working relationship with an out-of-network provider. You must contact your insurance company and find out if this service is available.

Center Support

Additionally, the Capital Region Pride Center Support Counseling provides low cost counseling services.

The Center Support Counseling Program is staffed by student interns who are in the graduate Social Welfare program at the University at Albany and are under the Clinical Supervision of Arlene Istar Lev LCSW-R, CASAC

Center Support Counseling Sliding Scale rates range from $10-$40. Please contact Center Support directly at 518-462-6138. Additionally, the Capital Region Pride Center Support Counseling provides low cost counseling services for the LGBT community.



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