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Sativa Bigelow, MHC

I am an energetic and empathetic mental health counselor skilled in the most recent models of therapy.  I received my Master’s from “Sage Graduate School” in Counseling & Community Psychology. My overall therapeutic goal is to work alongside clients to empower them to find their inner strength and help guide them to make the appropriate changes in their lives.

I am competent in working with clients with a wide range of clinical issues. Most of my experience lies in working with: LGBTIQ populations, people with diverse lifestyles, sexuality, kinks, couples therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.  I also enjoy working with troubled youth, eating disorders, anxiety, bi-polar, and people dealing with loss. I am especially skilled in helping gender nonconforming individuals through the feminizing/masculinizing process. I take pride in providing a nonjudgmental and eclectic approach to all clients, tailored to meet their individual needs. 

Everyone’s reason for entering therapy is different, but all life experiences are equally valuable.  Are you ready to improve your life and relationships?

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